I’m starting this blog for a few reasons.

Number one: I feel it’s about time that I get Lydia’s story out once and for all. I have been so “busy” with hospitals, Lydia’s and Caitlin’s general care, feeds, medication and cleaning that now we’re home and almost settled, living a “normal” life… I’m now having to deal with what has happened.

Number two: The fact that I will probably have to meet yet another professional within the next month and explain the WHOLE story ALL OVER AGAIN! It might just be easier and less emotional to just write it once and keep a whole load printed in my possession.

Number Three: The thought of having to speak to a trained counsellor is actually making me feel worse. The whole “whats your understanding of Lydia’s condition” and “how does that make you feel?” followed by the surprised look on their face when I cry. The wasted hours of my life sitting in a cold office with a stranger who thinks she has a better handle on my life, just so I have an outlet to deal with what has happened. No thank you very much… this blog can be an outlet where I can get everything out of my system without having to leave my baby or the comfort of my own home, how much better is that?

Number four: There has been a huge amount of fundraising for Lydia and awareness shared. I have been extremely private about everything, this time last year my work colleagues knew more about Lydia than my family members and friends. Once we were only left to fund raise to save her life, things took a 180 over night. This blog may give back a part of ourselves and I feel its only right to fill everyone in on whats been happening since May 2016 when the fundraising began.

Number Five: If I can raise awareness of any of Lydia’s medical needs and help another parent out then all this suffering wouldn’t have been in vain.